Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Why Do Dogs Eat DirtWhy Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Our furry friends are considered family members. The responsible pet owner will ensure that the pet is given nutritious food to ensure its health. This will prevent disease and extend the life of pets. But are we sure we give our dogs food that meets their nutritional needs? Sad to say, many commercial foods lack basic nutrition.

Experts theorize that this is one reason why dogs eat dirt.

Isn’t it frustrating to see your pet eating dirt when you are sure that you are giving him enough food? The behavior of our dog friends is confusing. It is important to understand the reason behind this strange attitude because this can have dangerous consequences for the health of our furry friends. Anti-freezing in the soil can cause poisoning. Eating feces will cause parasitic infestations because dogs will get intestinal worms. Canine Parvovirus infection is also possible.

Dogs are very intelligent and they have extraordinary abilities that are far superior to humans.

Dogs may have a balanced diet. The owner provides high-quality wet and dry food to pets but the dog’s digestive system cannot absorb nutrients from food. Similar to the first case where food is a nutritional deficit, dogs will again look for a lack of nutrients from dirt.

Pica is food from non-food ingredients. Generally, this is a sign of anemia. As mentioned food lacks nutrition and dogs are encouraged to eat dirt to add to the deficiency. Eating substances without nutritional value can be a sign that the dog is hungry. The food given to dogs is not enough and they are forced to eat dirt to fill their empty stomach. Dogs like to dig. Remember, they have a very good sense of smell and they might find something they like which is why they eat dirt.

Experts have noted that eating dirt is a behavioral problem. The dog may be bored, there’s nothing more to do and will eat dirt to spend time. Or it could be because the dog wants to get the attention of the owner. Of course, when they eat dirt, the owner in question will make a fuss.

Eating dirt may be a warning to the owner to get higher quality food for pets, to give pets more food and to give more attention to furry friends. But if you believe that you provide all this for your dog, spraying a dog with cold water every time he eats dirt can stop this disgusting habit.