How to Teach a Puppy Its Name: Step By Steps

How to Teach a Puppy Its Name

how to teach a puppy its nameAfter you choose a name for your puppy, you need to teach him what it is. Your goal is to teach him that when his name is called, he must immediately give you your full attention, that is, stop what he is doing, turn his head and look directly at you.

As you continue to teach your puppy other commands, such as coming, sitting and staying, you will do this successfully if your puppy is centered on you while you teach him this command – this is why it is very important he knows his name and responds to it.

Your puppy will begin to learn that the sound of his name will be followed by a command, so for him, his name means “I have to see Mum because she wants me to do something”.

When you use your puppy’s name, it should always be associated with good things. Don’t call his name and continue to notify him because he is chewing on your sandals – if you do it too often, he will begin to associate his name with the notification and will not respond when you call his name. It’s easier said than done, believe me, especially when your puppy has just chewed on another book, but in the end, it’s worth doing!

How to Teach a Puppy Its Name: Step By Steps

Equip yourself with a few snacks and place your puppy on the leash, so that you have complete control if he is disturbed by something and hanging around.

Say the name with a happy and attractive voice – the puppy love to hear your voice and will naturally look towards you when they hear you speak. What you do is to strengthen the behavior by giving him treats and praise.

When he looks at you, give him a gift and praise him verbally with words like ‘good boy’ or ‘yes’. Repeat this several times each day until he consistently looks at you every time you call his name.

Only use his name once, if he doesn’t respond, gently pull or tickle his feet so he turns to look at you.

Next, call him and hold a snack near your face so he has to see you – reward him with snacks and praise when he does. After your puppy does this consistently, exchange food for toys. The prize for seeing you will then play with you for a few minutes.

The next advance is to introduce distractions, so try with others in the room, outside in the park, in the driveway, when you are at a friend’s house and wherever you can think. Don’t rush at this stage and always make it easy for your puppy to succeed, he wants to please you, so make it easy for him to do it!

You need to teach your puppy that no matter where you are if he hears his name, he needs to see you and wait for further instructions.


Create a short training session;
Keep them fun;
Give lots of praise when your puppy does what you want;
Try and practice before mealtime so that your puppy is not tired and interested in food;
If you both aren’t in the mood, just play; and always prepare yourself and your puppy for success – take small steps that you know you can achieve, then both of you will look forward to a training session!