How much should I feed my dog?

How much should I feed my dogHow much should I feed my dog? Many people will give different types of answers based on their experience with their dogs. However, it is important to emphasize scientific facts related to aspects of diet in dogs during feeding activities maintained in dogs.

Usually, puppies should not be separated until they are eight weeks old. However, it can happen that orphaned puppies exist. Usually, about five percent of body weight can be taken as criteria for the amount of food to be given to puppies. However, the amount consumed by the dog also varies depending on the size of the dog.

However, you can have a thumb rule of feeding the puppy until you see the visible fullness of the abdomen to a moderate degree. If you continue to feed the animal without insisting on its gastric appearance, the puppy may then suffer digestive disorders and cause diarrhea.

This can cause many inconveniences for the owner as well as the puppy. Unlike adult dogs, puppies must be fed with limited amounts of food, but more frequently. However, once old age, the amount can be increased to a certain extent, but the feeding frequency is often reduced.

A raw dog can consume only two to four percent of his body weight. Just look closely at the dog’s diet and body condition. If the dog becomes obese, simply reduce the amount of food and if the dog becomes lean, increase the number of foods.

As mentioned earlier, puppies and teenagers eat more than adult dogs. Similarly, the geriatric dog eats less than the adult dog because of reduced dog movement. However, do not forget to limit the amounts of protein when feeding older dogs.

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