Dogs are Fine Creatures

Dogs are Fine CreaturesDogs are Fine Creatures

Me and my boyfriend were arguing for a couple of days on which kind of dog we would have. He wants a Labrador or a German Shep while I wanted to have a Beagle or a Dachshund (but I don’t really like dogs. I’m a cat lover). I like to have tiny dogs as they are easier to take care. Maybe they would also cost less on vaccines since they only need a little amount of dosage since their bodies are also little, right? As a follow up, I also have another pet. Her name is Kimmy and she’s a cat. That is one reason why I want to have a tiny dog, so that whenever they get to meet each other, the dog won’t turn my Kimmy into pieces.

We often visit the Dog’s refuge and take a look at the dogs they had saved from the streets. We saw a large, mixed Labrador and my boyfriend was so eager to have it. I told him we still weren’t ready to have the dog that day since we haven’t even prepared the things needed if you have a dog like dog food, collar, and other stuffs. I also told him that if he still insists to have a Labrador or any large dog, at least we get a puppy of that kind so that it could grow up with my cat. He agreed and so we moved on.

On our way home, we saw a pet store across the street. He looked at me and I already knew what was going on in his mind. As we entered the store, there were 5 brown Labrador puppies. This time, I had no more reason not to have one. We approached the counter and asked a form, and we took one puppy home.

The Labrador pup was so energetic. He runs all around the house like the whole day. The first two days, I was so annoyed. But as days go by, I began to feel the dog when I started playing and feeding him. I never thought dogs can make you feel so good, I thought they’d be just destroying and wrecking your house around. I also had my cat play with us. They are playing, but I don’t know if this still goes once the puppy becomes large.

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