Dog Tricks! 3 easy to teach dog tricks

dog tricks

To teach your dog tricks even easy, you must have a few small prizes, be in a quiet place and maintain a training session for 10-15 minutes or your dog will start riding, remembering when he got something right a lot of praise and gifts, heart careful not to get too excited or he will lose concentration.

Have your dog give you a claw, first ask your dog to sit, then when you say the word ‘claw’, your dog’s claw is in your hand, give the dog a snack, repeat this, after several times don’t take his claw so fast, say the word, count to one then take it, you have to pay attention to him carrying his claws when you say the word if he doesn’t say it back at the same time, doing a few more times slows your response again. After 2 or 3 sessions, most dogs choose this one happily.

Five highs, like many tricks, five highs are a continuation of the previous trick, in this magic trick. Hold a snack on your fingers and raise your hands a little higher than you do for the claw trick. Your dog will think you want to do a paw trick and will grab a snack with his claws as we taught you before, when he reaches you say “high five” and gives him a snack. After your dog has mastered the Paw trick, this trick must be very easy to learn and with just a few sessions he will do it with hand signals instead of voice control.

Making your dog jump through a circle,

before you start this one I just want to ask you to be a little reasonable and not hold the circle too high because you don’t want your dog to make his heart happy when doing tricks. Sit your dog on one side of the hoola hoop, get the dog’s attention in your hand on the other side of the hoop take the snack in your hand and give the dog an order to release it from the sit, at first he might try to get around or under the circle, if this happens start again, your dog wants a snack and will soon find out that going around or below doesn’t get it so he will immediately begin to experience it, when he says excitement and gives him a snack.

He will immediately jump through the circle on orders of excitement. When I start doing this trick, I have a medium sized dog (Labrador), so I start with a circle 6 inches from the ground and slowly lift it to waist height, if you have a smaller dog, you might want to start by touching the circle. the ground so that the dog just passes through the circle and then slowly lifts it up when it gets used to the trick.