Clicker Training Your Dog

Clicker Training for DogClicker Training Your Dog

If you want to train your dog, you might consider using the ‘clicker training’ method, which has recently become popular with dog trainers throughout the country. In this method the trainer must use a clicker, a small plastic box with a metal button that makes a distinctive click after the button is pressed.

The training method is simple and in many ways parallel to the positive training method. This is what you have to do. Determine the specific behavior you want to teach or strengthen your dog to do it. A number of behaviors / actions come naturally to dogs such as sitting, eating, standing, barking, etc. And this needs to be strengthened so your dog knows what you want him to do. Various other actions such as acting dead, shaking hands, rolling over, etc. It doesn’t come naturally to dogs and needs to be taught. Clicker training can be used to do both.

Training Clicker works according to the basic principles of operant conditioning, by linking the sound of the clicker to the food that dogs love. Now all you have to do is use the clicker to order the dog to do something, the dog, given that he associates the sound of the clicker with the food, immediately obliges and the training is complete.

Let’s take the example to better illustrate this method, for example you want to teach your dog to sit, you put a cake on your dog’s nose by playing and then move it up, the dog will obviously follow the movement of the biscuit with his nose and then naturally it will put posteriorly on the floor, so that it puts itself in a sitting position.

Now it’s time

to click on you to be very accurate to happen right when the dog sits on its own, now give it a biscuit and praise it Keep doing this until the dog starts associating clicking with food until the click makes it sit without you luring it with a present. Now teach him another behavior, but remember to attach a click only after the animal itself offers that behavior if not clicking will not be connected to anything on the dog’s head and he will be confused about what that means.

Your dog is a smart little animal and it’s time for you to give it an award for that. A number of trainers have been known to use negative reinforcement techniques in addition to the clicker method but this doesn’t work because the penalties at any time create a number of undesirable behaviors even if it serves the main purpose of teaching dogs not to do something temporary. .

Each type of training is a hard and heavy process and requires time and patience. Although the clicker training method has a high success rate, this method may not work for certain types of dogs, if you see that it doesn’t work for your pet, you will be advised to use several other techniques to teach it tricks.