Can Dogs Eat Pears?

Can Dogs Eat PearsCan dogs eat Pears? Sure they can. Should they eat Pears? It’s likely not harmful for them to do so unless they eat too many of them. It’s not so much a matter of  Pears being in any way harmful to dogs, it’s more a matter of them eating too much of something that’s not a normal part of their diet. Dogs are for the most part meat eaters, but they will eat vegetation as well, and grains and flour often make up a significant portion of some dog foods.

Pears, Yes – Grapes, No Let’s look at the question again from a slightly different approach. Say you give your dog a couple of Pears and it likes them. It may even sit up and beg for more, which is cute. Since Pears haven’t hurt the dog any, you might consider trying raspberries, or huckleberries, next. Once a dog has been acquainted with the taste of a huckleberry it will probably pick its own if you take it along on a huckleberry picking expedition.

No harm done there. Your dog likes berries, and berries generally aren’t harmful. Things could come to a bad, and perhaps tragic ending though, if you decide to try feeding your dog some grapes. Most dogs will eat grapes as readily as they will eat Pears. Some dogs will suffer no ill effects from eating grapes. Others can become very sick from just eating a few, and suffer acute kidney failure. Raisins have the same effect. Don’t experiment with grapes to see which category your pet fits in.

All Dogs Are Not Created Equal 

There isn’t always any way to tell what might hurt a dog to eat and what might not. The situation isn’t necessarily breed specific, except smaller dogs in general are more susceptible to suffering ill effects from eating the wrong things that are larger breeds. In addition, dogs can have vastly different eating habits. One dog can be the ultimate scavenger hound, eating anything and everything in its path. The next dog may be super choosy, with its preferences for food often extending to which brand of dog food it will accept. The message there is, if your neighbor gives his dog a few grapes every now and then, and the dog is as frisky or obnoxious as ever, that doesn’t mean giving your pet a few grapes would be OK.

Other Harmful Food Items

While we don’t know just what it is in grapes that can cause a dog serious problems, we do know what’s in another food that we enjoy that should always be off-limits to dogs. That food is chocolate. Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which is toxic to dogs, but fortunately, or unfortunately, is not toxic to us. Dark chocolate is the worst, as it contains the highest concentration of theobromine. The green skin or green shoots of the potato can be toxic to dogs, and to humans as well. That’s one reason we usually discard potatoes that are on the surface of the ground and have been turned green by the sun. The potato itself is fine. A little serving of mashed potatoes is actually beneficial to dogs, not to mention tasty when a little gravy is included. 

Pears? OK 

We seem to be straying farther and farther away from the original questions – can dogs eat Pears? The purpose for doing so was first, to make note of a few things you should not feed your dog. Second and just as important is this. If a food type, such as fruit, is all right for your dog to eat, it doesn’t mean every food item in that group is going to be fine. But, if you avoid feeding your dog, grapes, raisins, onions, dark chocolate, and green potatoes or potato sprouts, it will probably live a long and healthy life.