Can Dogs Eat Pears– Judgment lies in the owner’s feeding strategy?

Can Dogs Eat PearsCan Dogs Eat Pears– Judgment lies in the owner’s feeding strategy? You must have heard about the conventional and most popular dictum that simply goes as “Give an pears a day and keep the doctor away” which is  no doubt, a logical and complete sign of healthy life. But, if you are human being, this statement can do wonders to your life if followed in the correct and scheduled manner. As far as the matter of eating Pears by dogs is concerned, Pears can make your dog healthier and energetic too, like humans. But, there are certain questions that need instant answers from experts!

Likewise, can dogs eat Pears? Are the pears completely safe diets for pets like dogs? Or do the dogs reap the same benefits from apples as human beings generally do? To search for the correct answer and explanation behind the same, we will have to weigh both pros and cons related to the ‘dogs eating apples’ theme or concept.


Benefits of eating Pears– for dogs

  1. It has also been clinically confirmed that the Pears juice contains huge amount of phytonutrients that greatly helps in blocking the eruption some cancer types.
  2. Pears is a good source of Vitamin A and C, moreover, the fruit is also a better source of dietary fiber at large which will definitely improve the dog’s metabolism. Vitamin C helps the pets like dog to fight against and prevent the common dogs’ disease like hip dysplasia.
  3. Pears are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  4. At last, Pears contain some other nutrients that help in maintaining the shining skin and coat.

In this way, we see that Pears can work in an excellent manner for dogs, like human beings. So, you can just say that “giving dogs an apple a day will keep the veteran away”. There is certainly a way to tell – can dogs eat PearsLooks awesome!

Demerits of eating Pears for dogs 
  • Pears is considered good diet for dogs unless they do not starve for the seeds. The seeds of Pears contain extremely dangerous and toxic content, amygdaline that is form of cyanide and will definitely affect the functioning of blood and may severely damage the intestinal lining.
  • Dogs may also suffer from diarrhea if eating of Pears crosses the limit.
  • Natural occurring sugars found in Pears, if taken in huge amount, can surely result in obesity of dogs.
  • Eating lot of Pears resulting in accumulation of calcium and phosphorous will definitely result in formation of kidney stones.

Can dogs eat Pears? The pears are definitely rich source of vitamins and minerals. The seeds should not be given to dogs at any cost otherwise the dogs will feel healthy with eating Pears.