Can Dogs Eat Apples

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Can Dogs Eat ApplesThere are definitely some interesting information and things that must be known about the eating habits and food stuffs of your pets. It becomes essential in case of dogs as some of the foods even fruits like apple are allergic to health, if taken in excess. But, you will have to keep yourself away from the rumors and speculations running in the market.

Is it safe for dogs to eat apples?

Similar is the case of apples that are popularly fed to dogs. So, if your dog is accepting the treat of apples, it is not a very amazing fact. However, you should keep certain things in mind while feeding apple and its seeds to your lovely dog. So that you may be capable of avoiding the problems that may arise in the coming future and that too, due to only your carelessness.

We will find answer to the question – can dogs eat apples?

Can dogs eat apples – definitely yes but caution is necessary! In fact, the apple seeds contain a harmful substance in the name of amygdaline which is a less-known form of cyanide. It is further a well known fact that cyanide stops the blood flow to carry the oxygen forward in the body and thus, causing your body to work unconsciously

If your dog eats apple seeds, it is really going to be dangerous at last.

Although there should be lots of apple seeds in the stomach of your pet to see the traits of body detoxification yet the owner should be over conscious. It is also essential here to core the apple before the dogs swallow it. This is because the seeds’ coating also contains some amount of amygdaline. There is no denying the fact that apples contain huge amount of calories that will provide the dogs’ immense energy. This comes from the naturally occurring sugar although it is not the artificial and human processed form of sugar.

But after all, sugar is almost sugar and it is simply beneficial for your dogs. It will also help your pet to gain comprehensive weight in less time. It is also a bare fact that apples are rich sources of calcium and phosphorous. Excess intake of above mentioned minerals is a strong indication of kidney stones and non-ending kidney disease.

You should be also careful of omega-6 fatty acids which are solely responsible for causing inflammation in arthritic dogs and their kidneys.

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