Can Cats Eat Dog Food

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

There are so many such people who not only have dogs at their home but do have cats. As well and right at the time of their feeding, they commit a mistake and hence interchange their feeding. Also, they have one more doubt in their mind related to their feeding.

As the food for cats are usually expensive than that of food hence most of the owner think that what if they start feeding their cats the meals of dogs? They have economic consideration behind this and hence they think that if it becomes possible then there would be no need to get separate food for their cats and they would have enough saving. If you see both the foods then they seem to be same but as soon as we start getting into its depth then we come to know that cat’s food are chopped or molded and are in small pieces and this is what makes the difference.

Can Dog Eat Cats Food

It is wrong thinking of owners if they rethinking in this direction because it may be good for one or second time but as far as the long-time feeding is concerned; it may turn to be dangerous. There is one major difference between both the foods and so is related to the protein content of them.

Protein content in the food of cats is more and it is around 30 percent whereas that in dog’s food is low and is around 20-25 percent. Dogs are not purely carnivorous and they are omnivorous similar to a human being. Whereas cats are purely carnivorous. They depend on meat entirely.

If cats are given vitamin then also it is far better because it is something that may provide strength to their body. These are something that can be obtained by cats directly from the flesh and hence there is no need to get worried about these contents. It is said that if cats are given dogs food then there are so many diseases that may take place among cats like loss or hairs. Also diseases like heart diseases, blindness, tooth decay etc re very common.

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