Basenji Dog Breed Information

Basenji dog

The Basenji is a small to medium-sized dog that weighs between 22 and 25 pounds. Its height is around 15 “to 17”. Known as the dog without a bark, the Basenji (bah-SEN-gee) makes a low howl / moan / yodeling sound instead of barking.

They are also known as the Congo dog.

The smooth, shiny and dense fur is short and flat against the body. Acceptable colors of AKC for Basenjis are black, chestnut red, tricolor or brindle, all with white on the chest, feet and tip of the tail in any color, including pinto, white or brindle. The coat is easy to care for. The basenjis are also known to lick and fix their hair like a cat. This high energy dog ​​is an excellent watchdog. They are slow to warm strangers and will warn you if they see a stranger.

They need a lot of exercise and play. Since they are a bit independent, they also enjoy playing alone. Chewing is one of your favorite hobbies, so load them with toys so they do not choose your favorite shoes as chew toys. They tend not to do well with non-canine pets. With early socialization, they can do well with children and other dogs. Because they possess a bit of independent character, early training is recommended to help curb any unwanted behavior.

Originating in Africa, Basenji dates back to ancient times in Egypt. The images of the basenji are on the walls of the ancient Egyptian tombs. They are mainly used as watchdogs in Africa to warn others of the presence of wild animals and often hunt wild animals as pack dogs. Just because the Basenji does not bark, does not mean that they are calm and meek lap dogs. They are very energetic and need a lot of play and exercise. They are perfect for homes that enjoy outdoor activities and will ensure that their Basenji have time to run and roam.